Exclusive Palladium-Silver Eyewear Collection

Silver-Palladium 02

A lustrous history

Palladium may seem like a new metal but, in this fact, its history goes back several centuries. Palladium reached its peak of popularity in Europe and the USA in the 1920s when the Art Deco style was in its heyday.
The history of Silver as precious material is just as old as the one of gold. Silver was highly valued as a very special noble metal.


Fine eyewear in Palladium-Silver is a timeless symbol of beauty, joy and perfection. For the D.F.Weber collection, we strive for unique designs with or without precious diamonds and gemstones set in one of the most beautiful and most endurable metals. Such attributes are even more important when we want to celebrate important occasions in our lives. Amongst all precious metals, Palladium-Silver is a valuable, winning material, which, in regard to its resistance, is equal to gold. The rich white lustre and understated elegance of Palladium-Silver are matchless.


The Silver (999/1000) used by D.F.Weber 1869 is completed with pure Palladium (999/1000) and referred to as the unique alloy of PDAG 400/400. This very special alloy is worldwide exclusively used by D.F.Weber 1869.


Only small quantities of Palladium is used to create jewellery each year, compared with more than 3.000 tonnes of gold and even more of silver. The value of Silver and Palladium will increase over time, partly due to the raising demand caused by the many vital industrial applications for these truly precious metals.

Strong & light

Palladium-Silver is stable in value; an important factor for our D.F.Weber 1869 Palladium-Silver eyewear which must endure constant handling. The strength and robustness, in combination with Palladium, grants the necessary 
solidity for the setting of the diamonds and precious stones. Still, the weight of this Palladium-Silver alloy is only a fraction of that one of gold, will not oxidize and will keep its shine and beauty over the years to come.


The white lustre of Palladium-Silver is the current fashion in eyewear. One may consider Palladium-Silver as the metal of the future and therefore we have created a wide variety of styles to match the most demanding customer needs.


Only the most skilled and talented goldsmiths can work with the extraordinary Palladium-Silver alloy. Working with Palladium-Silver is a unique and personal pleasure, chosen by connoisseurs who appreciate the value of a discrete and highly personal choice.

A symbol

Pure, rare and strong - these attributes of Palladium-Silver correspond with the ideals of eternal true values. All over the world the DFW1869 eyewear symbolises the everlasting beauty of nature and is thus a noble way to celebrate other important milestones in a lifetime.


Palladium-Silver's rich, white lustre enhances the brilliance and fire of diamonds. Palladium-Silver is the perfect metal to set precious and beautiful stones. 
Its neutral colours enhance the natural clarity and sparkle of diamonds, whereas other metals can detract from the stones beauty. The richness of Palladium-Silver means the settings of the stones cannot be topped.
Palladium-Silver is naturally white and will maintain its shining luminosity forever, unlike other white metals, which turn tarnish with patina over time.


To posses or to give a D.F.Weber 1869 Palladium-Silver frame signifies that you strive for the best or even for absolute perfection. Since its first finds more than 7.000 years ago, Silver has celebrated an impressive comeback. This eyewear collection, developed in the 21st century, was created to express our inventiveness and your personality.